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This sample portfolio of photographs below will give you a feel for the high level of detail that our DJI drone equipment is capable of capturing. The integrated on board cameras allow us to have full control over picture quality, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance and capture format.

We have a separate stock library of 200+ digital aerial images available for both personal and commercial purchase.

Portfolio Photos

Please note than the original 20 megapixel DNG image files have been resized down to a more web browser friendly PNG format. A typical individual file size is around 30mb when shot in raw whilst these examples above are approximately 700kb each and suffer from slight quality degradation from compression.


Barrel distortion removal (also referred to as Fish Eye Effect, commonly found with wide angle lenses) comes as standard on all post processing edits. We also adjust RGB levels, boost the saturation and adjust the highlight and shadow percentages through our Adobe software suite to generate a magazine and billboard ready product upon delivery to our clients.


Our HD videos include basic editing with custom composed ambient backtracks. For faster steaming, these show reels below play at a 720p resolution by default. You can view further samples of our footage by visiting our Vimeo page.

"It has been great working with you. You have delivered above and beyond with each of the shoots" - Suzuki New Zealand

"Looks fantastic and definitely much easier than coordinating with a helicopter" - Superior Boats

"Thanks Sky View, this is great!" - McKenzie & Parma

"We are seriously impressed" - PGG Wrightson Real Estate

"We love this, can we share it on our page?" - VisitAuckland

Portfolio Videos
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