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We offer high impact drone photography solutions for construction firms, marketing agencies, the agricultural, architectural & marine industries, tourism providers & commercial real estate management across Greater Auckland. The cost effective captures we provide from attention grabbing angles provide unseen detail, will captivate and engage your audience, and can greatly boost the exposure of your assets!


We provide 20 megapixel still photographs, 4K ultra high definition stabilised fly-over videos and vertical georeferenced maps from our state of the art quadcopter platforms.

Our flying cameras can be precisely positioned from multiple airborne vantage points, anywhere from ground level up to a 120 meter elevation above your site to produce truly stunning captures.

The memorable products we present will allow you to illustrate the finest points of your location and its surrounding area.

The unique perspectives we exhibit creatively and effectively showcase scale, landscape context, adjacent amenities and perimeter boundaries that would otherwise require a series of multiple ground based pictures and a written explanation to convey.

We utilise the latest advances in drone technology to produce aerial overviews on par with those shot from full sized helicopters.

Our award winning crew are uniquely qualified with extensive commercial aviation experience, hold CAA appointed instructional and examining roles, as well as having sat on executive committees within the UAV industry.

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Aside from our well established reputation, we can fly drones where others can't! Our equipment is operated by fully qualified commercial pilots to comply with CAA rules.

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We offer several competitively priced photography packages to suit your needs. Our imagery is promptly delivered on a variety of digital mediums for your convenience.

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Our uninvasive flying tripods can also provide unique and interesting vantage points for almost every outdoor location that you can think of.

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